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Night thoughts

I didn't write this one into my diary. I'd like to live in an english-speaking country. I'm the exception of exception.

 You can see my claim in different views. On one side beeing an exception is negative and expresses some kind of minority, on the other side it can be missunderstood as expression of arrogance. But it isn't that way. It's not always how it seems. It brings joy but also pain. It means that you can't get along with most of the people 'cause you're too special for them. This is not supposed to be understood as arrogant, I have to mark that. On the other side it's always exceptions who are abled to tell story by story. Creative people. Working on cars is also an expression of creativity. Every kind of job can be seen that way, it simply depends on your view.

In that view, every person is an exception. Some people don't need to be rich and succesful, they're happy with beeing salesmen in the Super Market. Beeing a salesman in the Supermarket is not worse than beeing a world-known artist or musician. It's not even worse than beeing a bank robber.

I don't like it when people force themselves to evaluate everything, this can be their car or even their hair cut.

It is really not easy to get along with all the people, but it's hardest to accept ewveryone the way he is. Human's were not meant to be that way. This a genetic issue. The ideal world, as the world "ideal" already expresses, is an utopy. And we now that, even if we allthough try to make it perfect. Some say "the try counts"... I think it's only the try we actually have.

In every age or generation society always tries and tried to form people, putting them in the drawer. But, acting that way, people put themselves in the drawer. Society ist mejority. It's "normality". I allow me to say that "normality" doesn't exist. It really doesn't. 

But people are too simply to understand themselves. So keep on playing dumb.

Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good.


17.6.09 22:52


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