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The same old stories

A young musician needs to be quite good to get real big today. Beeing undergroung is way not enough. Doing something you doesn't make you succesful. You really think I have the view. I tell you: I don't have it at all. I just say: I wanna walk my way. I look up to a few famous people. They're so unreachable. They make me look small and my existence senseless. I'd like to be on tour. I'd find it really cool if just one HOPLESS-SETUP SONG'd be written by me. Cay, I know you don't want this. Willi, I know you like NOISE ROCK. You all know how HARDCORE I am!!! I'm listening to Nirvana. Sometimes I listen to Nirvana. I like cheese toast. I guess I ate wisdom with spoons, I tell you: Guys, she's not good for me. I'd like to be dumb.... I'm dumb.... It's always how it seems and nothing ever changes. I've got an ash tray. Fundamentalist christs rule!!! I'm Adolf Hitler... I like Hip-Hop and Free Jazz...
This is modernity. It's history, modernity. Bloc Party. And a flash of inspiration. Rain kids, who talk like the people from earlier days und listen to music, which connects today's progress with yesterday's progess. A bit wishfully, lightning. A brainstorm that lightens your brain and your eyes flash up. And than you become a warewolf once again everything else around you disappearing. The source is inspiration. Awakening. He kept himself such a long time in the dark, and just ONE thought from ancient time had to be combined with toda's ideas, to explode and let something completely new ascend from the heat of thoughts burning up. Writing. Fresh air. Rough drafts. This is the true, untamed, untamable Me sleeping inside of several ones. The Artist, the mad psycho. Some ones never let him out. Youre completely yourself, a lightning flashs trough you, you're electrisized. An Idea. Thoughts circulating. Sparling insanity eyes. There's just the concept and you love it. You just have to allow it, and the words will come on their own and line by line will fill with an unbelievable speed. SEE MY CREATION. THIS IS ME.
12.6.09 21:33


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