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You heared many sad stories? I bet I can tell you one of the best.

There's this, sitting on his bench once again. He sits there every day, waiting for the bus, listening to "First Day Of My Life" but he doesn't get in, no, he's just waiting for the one he calles "Sunshine" for so many months. Sunshine passes out, leaving not one single look at this boy, standing there until he walks along. 

By that time the boy disappears saying "sorry" wishing he'd always sit and wait because he can't wait one more single day, everyday. It's sunshine. 

Randomly, he saw him at the bus that day he specially had to get in the bus. And he's still waiting. Nobody can him him back from seeing sunshine five days a week. This one thing you miss, 'cause you never get what you want because you always want what you ain't got. You'll never get what you want because you want it.


I wish I could draw, then I'd draw the most beatiful pictures. I'm just a turtle who'll always stay on ground. I'd never fly, because I find it unnessecary, 'cause I'm feeling too free to get free.

Icebird, may your wings heal, and yes, one day, you'll fly into infinity, into nothing, leaving seas of tears behind, which you
never guessed. I have to let you fly, then you're free and nothing, nothing keeps you and you'll fly and fly into infinity, into Nirvana, say hello to freedom. Yes, heart's burning. I don't want to be no turtle, I guess I'm too heavy to fly, so please let me dream. I will cry when you're free, because you'll fly, you gorgeos bird will fly away from me and I'm gonna stand here and cry.

I'm even crying about the thought.

And when you're released I'll still look in the sky and hope that you'll come back from your journey one day.

It's love. Just love. Fly. Please Fly.


12.6.09 15:03


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